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- Mekras, N. and Artemakis, I., Using Artificial Neural Networks to model extrusion processes for the manufacturing of polymeric micro-tubes, in Conf. proc. of NanoStruc 2012 Conference, Cranfield, UK.
- POLYTUBES Presentations at HANNOVER MESSE 2012 - Ryll, J., Description of the Laser Drilling module focused on the capabilities of the vision unit, Fraunhofer Annual Report 2011, Aachen, Germany.

- Ryll, J., Description of the capabilities of the whole Laser Drilling module, Fraunhofer Annual Report 2012 (in progress), Aachen, Germany.

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- Cai, J. et al, On material modeling of the forming process of polymer tubes (in progress), Imperial College London, UK. - Die-cavity geometry and its influences on the formation of inner pores/channels in hot-embossing of polymeric micro-tubular-components. To be submitted in August 2012. - Zhao Jie, Yip A. and Qin Yi, The Machine and Tool Development for the Forming of Polymeric Tubular Micro-Components, 3rd International Conference on New Forming Technology, Aug. 26-28, 2012, Harbin, China.
- Zhao Jie, Qin Yi, Razali A., Yip A. and FeiHot Z., Embossing of Polymeric Micro-Tubes, The 7th International Conference on Micromanufacturing, 12-14th March, 2012, USA. - Processing parameters and their effects on the achievement of sound components during hot-embossing of polymeric micro-tubular-components. To be submitted in October 2012.

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- Process design and control through neural network predictions of processing parameters for hot-embossing of polymeric micro-tubes. To be submitted in Feb. 2013.

 - Dugloch, G., Thermogeneratoren leisten Rückgewinnung von Energie (Thermogenerators Enable Re-gaining of Energy), Journal Mikroproduktion, Booklet No2 / 2011, pp. 11-13.
                                                                                                                                                                                  - Konrad, K., Gerhardt, P., Wertz, R., Suitable Process Maturity Model for PV Thin Film Production, in: Ossenbrink, Heinz (Hrsg.); WIP - Renewable Energies: 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition: Proceedings, Valencia, Spain, 6-10. September 2010. Munchen, 2010, pp. 3657-3660.