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Polytubes JOIN US Project Partners Latest Germany Germany Germany Germany The system for online ispection. Manufacturing system implementation Fraunhofer - Institut fur Lasertechnik (FRA-ILT) Innovation - related activities. Other exploitation and dessemination activities Process optimisation and customization for product dwvelopment. The system for tube shaping Process optimisation and customizartion for product development. The system for Laser Drilling Design first functional prototypes. Market exploring Process optimisation/customization for product development.Micro-Tooling for manufacture of tubular components Prototype evaluation. Market exploring The system for tube shaping. Provision of mechantronics solutions to tool motion/force actuation and control and development of a control system. Product and process design for mass production Design for the first functional prototypes. The system for tube shaping Product design for mass production. Functional prototype evaluation The system for polymer micro-tubes. Micro-tooling for manufacture of tubular components Development of the Knowledge Based Design System (KBDS). Software Integration. Project's Web site. Manufacturing system design. The system for handling of tubes and tubular components and the system for online inspection Micro-tooling for manufacture of tubular components. Innovation-related activities Process optimization/customization for product development. Refining of the processes for volume-production and project management. MEDI-LINE s.a (MED) Fachhochschule Koln (ASC) Fraunhofer - Institut fur Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA (FRA IPA) BPE International Dr Horning GmbH (BPE) ANGARIS GmbH (ANG) Instituttet for Produktudvikling - IPU (IPU) SYSMELEC S.A (SYS) Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (ICL) The university of Strathclyde (STR) The university of Birmingham (BIM) Pascoe Engineering Limited (PAS) ANTER Ltd. - Technology Development and Research Ltd. Company (ANT) Italy MASMEC s.r.l (MAS) Italy DIAD s.r.l (DIA) Association De la Industria Navarra (AIN) Belgium Germany Denmark Switzerland Greece United Kingdom Italy Spain A Process Chain and Equipment for Volume Production of Polymeric Micro-tubular Components for Medical and Non-Medical Device Applications Home Gender Awareness FAQ Press Articles Technical Papers Links Newsletters Collaboration Events Partners Project description Role in the project Country Partner Sweden Swerea IVF AB (IVF) United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom

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