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A Process Chain and Equipment for Volume Production of Polymeric Micro-tubular Components for Medical and Non-Medical Device Applications

Project overview

Uses of innovative polymer microtubular components render opportunities to innovate the product design to meet now social and economical needs. Potential applications include specially shaped functional components for an instrument innovated by the Polytubes consortium for electrophysiological study on human sperms, heat transfer structural and functional parts for micro-heat exchangers, parts for Capillary Electrochromatography, etc. Besides efforts to ensure functional realization of the innovative products which use polymer microtubular components, manufacturing challenges must be met to produce sophisticated micro geometrical features of the components with an efficiency which is economically viable.

The overall objective of the POLYTUBES project is to develop a process chain and corresponding micro-manufacturing platform for the manufacture of polymer-microtubes and tubular micro-components for innovative products (medical and non medical applications). It aims to create new markets for EU SMEs with innovative and economically competitive micro-products and micro-manufacturing equipment to meet the needs for a wide range of emerging applications. The development will also support the SMEs to increase business opportunities with new volume production capabilities in micro-manufacturing. The proposed development could place EU in a pole position in the manufacture and innovative applications of micro-tubular products.

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