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The following list includes organisations which have collaborated with our company through European and national projects:

- Swerea IVF AB, Sweden.

- Asociacion De La Industria Navarra, Spain.

- DIAD s.r.l., Italy.

- Pascoe Engineering Limited, UK.

- MASMEC s.r.l., Italy.

- SYSMELEC S.A., Switzerland.

- Instituttet for Productudvikling - IPU, Denmark.

- MEDI-LINE s.a., Belgium.

- ANGARIS GmbH, Germany.

- BPE International Dr. Hornig GmbH, Germany.

- Fraunhofer - Institute for Lasertechnik (ILT), Germany.

- Fraunhofer - Institut for Productionstechnik & Automatisierung, (IPA), Germany.

- The University of Birmingham, UK.

- Institute of Applied Science Cologne, Germany.

- University of Strathclyde, UK.

- Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK.

- Upper Austrian Research GmbH, Austria.

- Carinthian Tech Research AG, Austria.

- SPECICOM, Belgium.

- COMTES FHT s.r.o., Chech Republic.

- NOLIAC A/S, Denmark.

- Pinol A/S, Denmark.

- CEDRAT Technologies S.A., France.

- Leister Technologies GmbH., Aachen.

- Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten e.V., Germany.

- Latronics GmbH / OMICRON GmbH, Germany.

- University of Patras, Greece.

- National Microelectronis Research Centre, Cork, Ireland.

- Abbot Vascular, Ireland.

- SOLAS DATA Ltd., Ireland.

- Gammastamp SpA, Italy.


- Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain.

- Fundacion Tekniker, Spain.

- Swiss Federal Labarotories for Materials Testing and Research, Switzerland.

- Contour Fine Tooling Ltd., UK.

- National Metal Technology Centre, UK.

- Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

- Loadpoint Ltd., UK.

- TECAN Ltd., UK.

- London Borough of Islington, UK.

- Islington Chamber of Commerce, UK.

- Interaction Design Ltd., UK.

- Shannon Development Corporation, Ireland.

- National Microelectronics Application Centre, Limerick, Ireland.

- Comune di Bologna, Italy.

- Omega Generation, Italy.

- Ervet Politiche Per L' Impresa, Italy.

- Rotterdam Development Corporation, Netherlands.

- European Association of Development Agencies, EURADA, Belgium.

- BIC Group s.r.o., Slovakia.

- Technical University of Gabrovo, TUG, Bulgaria. 

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